What is SWAPD?

About SWAPD: SWAPD is a vibrant online community platform facilitating the exchange of virtual assets, including established websites, domain names, influential social media profiles, unique @handles, exclusive services, access to specific sites, and other virtual valuables. As of 2023, we currently have 50,000 members and are still growing!

How to Join SWAPD?

Joining Process: To join, click the Sign-Up button on our website and complete the registration form, including phone number verification via SMS. We request accurate information as our team routinely verifies the authenticity of member identities.

What Sets SWAPD Apart?

Unique Features of SWAPD: We have been in business since 2017 and have a team of experts with 30 years of combined social media experience. SWAPD stands out for its commitment to safety and quality. We conduct thorough security screening of all properties and services during transactions, ensuring professional and secure exchanges.

Costs of Selling on SWAPD

Fees for Sellers: Sellers bear all transaction fees on SWAPD. Utilize our fee calculator to determine your net proceeds and set appropriate prices. For details on payment methods and fees, visit our fee chart.

Membership and Fees on SWAPD

Membership Model: Our marketplace is accessible without membership fees. However, transactions are subject to fees (borne by sellers) for services like buyer/seller vetting, secure transfers, and oversight. We also offer an optional Premium Membership for enhanced services.

Why Choose SWAPD?

Advantages of Using SWAPD:

  • Screening Process: We maintain a business-to-business community with rigorous buyer/seller screening, prioritizing transparency over anonymity.
  • Dedicated Marketplace: SWAPD hosts a diverse range of valuable virtual assets and services, reflecting the evolving landscape of e-commerce.
  • Exclusive Services: Our platform features unique service providers who can amplify your online presence and success.
  • Quality Assets: We strictly offer authentic, genuine properties, steering clear of fake or bot-enhanced accounts.
  • Anti-Spam Commitment: We actively combat spam, focusing on meaningful content creation and genuine social reach.
  • Speed and Accessibility: Our platform is designed for efficiency and ease of use, supported by a responsive team.
  • Professional Expertise: With over a decade in the virtual property market, we specialize in curating a community free of fraudulent or low-quality assets.
  • Legal Registration: We are governed by an EU-based limited liability corporation, VEYYO.com.

Payment Methods on SWAPD

Payment Options: While terms may vary per transaction, we accept USDT, USDC, bank wire transfers, and credit card payments.

Contacting SWAPD Support

Further Inquiries: For additional questions, contact our support team at support@swapd.co. You can also sign up and ask our friendly AI bot @help for more information.

*Note: Verified accounts have no minimum requirements. Non-verified accounts are subject to follower count restrictions based on the platform.