1:1 Meeting With a Major Record Label Executive

1:1 Meeting With a Major Record Label Executive

I will place you on a call with a relevant senior A&R from my network who will:

➣ Give you advice
➣ Discuss funding/distribution options
➣ Review you or your artist’s music
➣ Potentially offer you a deal or assist in your career (there is no guarantees on this)


➣Q: How can I verify this person is the real deal?

A: I will provide any needed proof that this person is who both I say they are and they say they are.

➣Q: Will this get me a deal?

A: It is possible. This meeting will be what you make of it. If you are someone with a lot of talent knows how to network, are on the verge of blowing up, or know how to leverage yourself, then this call could easily change your life.


➣ I will not waste anyone’s time nor will I ruin my own reputation. If I do not think you are at this level, will benefit from this call, or be taken seriously, I will deny any requests for a ticket.


➣ $2,000

what music genre is he A&R for?

We have people in all music genres.

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thank you!