1.5 MILL TikTok

Hey, I sent you the handle.

Message me handle and price please - interested

Messaged you the user.

Please PM handle

Username plz

If you are not verified , include POF in dm.

Please pm the the username.


Interested! Please send the handle my way. Thanks.

You have no other higher offers you only update the BIN when I offer higher. Your just a liar also funny how you got this listed for $50,000 on another site.

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Pm me handle

Handle plus your expected price

Still available?

yes this acc is still available.


Pm me the profile link

Sending handle .

Did the same thing to me. Kept saying he had higher offers then disappeared.

It’s tiktok, I don’t think he realises the account is only worth so much.

You must not understand the value of TikTok. Also, you tried offering half of the current offer…