What is SWAPD?


From the makers of ViralAccounts.com, one of the most trusted and known names when it comes to buying and selling virtual assets, we introduce our new, buying and selling community named SWAPD. SWAPD (derived from the word SWAPPED) is a simple community forum that facilitates buyers and sellers in a safe and moderated marketplace. Our main objective is to create a place to buy/sell/swap items of virtual nature that hold real monetary value. So, what makes us different? The unparalleled trust and top-notch service that we have provided over the years while working under the ViralAccounts.com banner. Our service places a strong emphasis on safety, and we do that by heavy moderation, strict rules, and quality control.

Buyer/seller protection

There is virtually no way you can get cheated during a transaction by using SWAPD. We keep tabs on every transaction that goes through our checkout process. Thanks to our devised methods of handling transactions, scams are virtually non-existent on our website. You can even begin a transaction process pre-registration by using our easy to use /start page.

Full audits

We catch liars and untruthful sellers before you even send a payment. We study statistics, check for artificial activity, and verify sellers claims.

High ticket items

We’re not a forum for kids trading gaming accounts. SWAPD is a community dedicated to professionals who dabble in social media, e-commerce, and other businesses. Our transactions range from XXX-XXXXXX digits, we’re the best place to sell your virtual properties.

Income opportunities

Our members constantly mingle and devise ways of making money together via influence deals. Many of our members run successful marketing firms or are CEO’s of very popular internet-based companies. Establishing connections on SWAPD opens up new opportunities you may have never thought about. On top of that, our company offers a referral program where members can make 2% from each sale/purchase made on our website. For more details, click here.

Why should you use our services?

  • Strict buyer/seller screening. You will not be able to join if you plan to stay anonymous. SWAPD strives to be a friendly business to business community.

  • Dedicated marketplace. If it’s virtual in nature and holds real monetary value, you can buy/sell/trade it on our website. The world is changing, so is e-commerce. These days, a simple login to the right place or a virtual asset can be worth a lot of money.

  • You’re the boss. As a member, you have full control over your listing. No minimums, no requirements on price, you are in charge of your own listings.

  • Exceptional quality control. All properties sold within our community are carefully audited at checkout by our staff. We check for ownership, fake followers/likes, and make sure the transaction goes over smoothly.

  • The best virtual assets. Click farm generated properties? Fake bot filled accounts? Not here. Only real and genuine properties. We’re NOT in the business of facilitating sales of bulk accounts or fake identities.

  • Antispam. We do not facilitate spammers. Our primary objective is to provide businesses, webmasters, resellers, and regular joes the means to buy/sell/trade tools needed for expanding social reach. We frequently check properties sold within our network and ban non-complying members. Creating a better web starts with creating meaningful content, not spam.

  • Speed. Our team is growing, and our goal is to provide quick support, 24/7. Our platform is also user-friendly and blazing fast!

  • Professional approach. We have been buying and selling virtual properties since 2010. We have the experience and know how to weed out the bad apples and keep our community free of fake/bot filled/artificially created properties.

  • Affordability. Depending on the type of property, we charge anywhere from 1-10% per transaction. All fees are covered by our sellers. Our service includes a full audit, safety checks, and a money back guarantee. To see our current price chart, click here.

  • We’re a legally registered business. SWAPD is a sister company of SKYNET, Inc. We’re a fully licensed institution registered within the European Union.

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