#1 & CHEAPEST ON SWAPD Twitter Verification with PR Musician / Record Labels

Service type: Twitter Verification


  • Musicians: $3500+ Swapd Fees [Submission]

  • Fake Musician: $4500+ Swapd Fee [Submission]

  • Musician Verification Package: $6500 + Swapd Fees Or Full Refund

  • Fake Musician Verification Package: $8000 + Swapd Fees or Full Refund

  • I can submit other categories with VERY STRONG PRESS / WIKIPEDIA! PM FOR PRICING


  • Submissions mostly are smoothest for Artists, Producers, DJs, anything talent / entertainment related.
  • I can submit other categories with VERY STRONG PRESS / WIKIPEDIA! PM FOR PRICING [Down at the moment]

Account Requirements:

  • The account must have been actively used in the last 6 months
  • The account must have a complete profile (name, bio and avatar)
  • The account must have a confirmed email address or phone number
  • 500+ Followers

Submission Eligibility Requirements:

  • Basically 5-7 quality press articles they are not too picky in relation to the tier levels however local news helps a lot based on your location as it builds relevance.
    *3 articles have to be recent within the last 3 months for Artist. 3 Weeks preferred.

Time Frame:

  • 31-60 days . Recently been getting quick turn around times off site! For Musicians/ Record Label

Payment Method:

  • Bank Wire, Transferwise, BTC, USDT.

No Follower count requirement ?

Yes that’s correct,
No follower count requirement.

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Been having lightning fasts Turn around times Off site.
Let’s open some tickets!
Artist/ entertainment / Actors message me!

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Check PM

Any successful verifications on site yet? Interested

@nothsa69 pm’d

Do you also include articles for an extra fee if we don’t have them?

Articles aren’t included

successfully verified my account this morning

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@ldotd Congratulations :+1:

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how about for entrepreneurs? already verified in IG and FB


Hmu if you have strong organic natural press

I do, IG/FB require that. The problem is I am new to Twitter with 5 followers :rofl: I do have the option to apply for verification

Send the press

This topic has been upgraded to a paid Featured Topic, and will run until September 2nd. Thank you very much and good luck with sales!

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Thanks @Swapd !

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Can you do esports players?

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