#1 Instagram Entrepreneur, Business, Model, Musician Verification | Username Claim | Unbans | PR + Verfication Guaranteed Packages

Hi everyone, Today I bring to you an all in one tool belt with high level support for Instagram/Facebook.

Below are prices of just submission. Press is NOT included. To qualify for submission you need strong press.

  • Real Musician: $1500-2000 + Fees
  • Fake Musician: $2500-3000 + Fees
  • Public Figure: Starting from $3000 + Fees
  • Entrepreneur: Starting from $7000+ Fees
  • Business/Brand: Starting from $8000 + Fees

If your case has strong press send me the press + social media links in a google doc to speed up the review process.

5-7 + press articles from your national/local media. Must be Organic with no “Written in partnership, Brand content, or Sponsored Tags”

Black listed websites that DON’T QUALIFY: (LA Weekly, Village Voice, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, Khaleej Times, JPost, Haute Living, Mid-Day, Mercury News, ETC.)

English press ONLY.

If not English prices will be higher & Wikipedia strongly recommended for the case.

TAT: Few hours to 1 Week.
Payment Method: USDT, Bank Wire, Wise

Guaranteed PR + Verification for Entrepreneurs & Businesses.

We can accept any niche

If you don’t have any PR but want to be verified from SCRATCH. We are able to do this.
This service are for clients who have very strong 5 figure budgets.

This is a Guaranteed Verification + PR service meaning if you don’t get verified you get a FULL REFUND with free high tier Press.

We have been having extreme success off site are proud to offer this service to individuals and businesses.

Who isn’t this service for?

Individuals who don’t have a strong budget. Individuals who claim to have tons of “clients” and want a deep discount because they have a lot of “clients” after.

Who is this service for?

This service is for individuals who have high budgets and want a premium service that can indeed deliver to meet your needs.

I am able to claim both Generic (Strong 5 figure budget required) & Non Generic handles.
We have claimed Active generic handles ON SITE. Very Strong Budget required.

  • Non Generic Username Claim: Starting from $1500 + Fees [Desired username must be 6L or longer, Non Generic]

  • Verified Username Change: Starting from $1600 + Swapd Fees [No Purchased Accounts]

  • Generic Username Claims [Ex: Cat,Dog,Apple]: See Thread Here

TAT: Usually 24 hours but for Generic cases expect longer tat.
Payment Method: USDT, Bank Wire, Wise

Unban: Starting from $2000 + fees
Perm & Copyright Stronger budgets needed


  • Instagram Username
  • Email attached to account
  • Phone number
  • Date of Ban
  • Screen shot of Ban Reason
  • Video of logging in to ban reason (If Possible)

TAT: 0-10 days
Payment Method: USDT, Bank Wire, Wise


What region?


@ii2hmed Any



Just cleared a case off site :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you assist with the articles/Wiki etc? Or is it solely for the IG Verification?

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For athlete no. For public figure / Musician yes @Mbarlns

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Hey can you dM me please. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

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Sent pm


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Solid provider, quick service.


Verified in 20 minutes!
Have availability for more.
Professional Athletes / collegiate athletes.
If client has WIKI pretty much automatic!

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I Left you feedback also don’t forget to do the same and if you have anymore athletes feel free to send thanks

Hello, how can I pay
is there a money back guarentee
do you have a website
is the verification guarenteed?

Sent pm

Interested in this

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Sent a pm

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