100% Guranteed Any Hacked/Suspended Facebook page/Account recovery service though REP||Zero Failed Case||

Hacked Facebook page recovery service

•Price: 1k-20k$ (Depends on page)


•1- 7 Days (Most of back in 24-48 hours)
•100% Sucess


•Hacked page URL
•Hacked page creator fb account URL
•Hacked Date

1.After purchasing the page from someone, it was taken back again?

• Messege me, I can recover your page with 100% Gurantee!

2.There is no creator account,So you can’t back the page?

•Messege me, I can recover your page with 100% Gurantee!

3.Now no admin acess in your page, Now want to get back page access?

•Messege Me, I can recover your page with 100% Gurantee!

If your Facebook page is hacked or lost access feel free to message me with correct information , I am here to recover your facebook page with gurranty!


1.First ticket complete,thanks @Jamshed.66

2.Second ticket complete, thanks @Sharre


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Recovered a hacked page for me
I can highly recommend this seller

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Thanks @Jamshed.66

Looking more hacked recovery case
P’m me with case i can recover any page with 100% guranty and quickly☺️

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This guy is for real insane. He recovered a hacked Facebook Page of mine within 5 hours, I’ve tried to get it back for over 2 years and tried so many sellers on this platform.

Highly highly recommended

Thanks @Sharre :wink:

Looking for more hacked recovery new cases 100% recovery Gurantee in this platform🔥

DM me with details😀

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GLWS buddy

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Do you do IG?