108K Food Page - Eligible for Adbreaks

Mexico Country of followers (majority):
Amount of fans/followers:
Topic/Niche: Food
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

Description: 108K Food Related Page, Daily Growing by 2-3K organically.

Page is created from 0 to 100K in less than 15 days.
Eligible for Adbreaks.

your image showing adbreak is not eligible. pm link

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It’s showing that page is approved for Monetisation.

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Handle please

that is for brand. not for adbreak. adbreak = in-stream ads


This page isn’t approved for ad breaks, you should remove that from your title.

Also fill all the info in, majority followers, organic growth/engagement network etc.

Pages got approval for Monetisation.
And brand collab and Instream came under Monetisation.

As you complete the Watchtime Instream option get available automatically.

Yeah i will update the info.
And it is apporved for Monetisation.
There is only one approval and that is for Monetisation and Instream came under Monetisation.

Pls link and lets do business $300

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