12M - Automotive Instagram Network For SALE



UPDATE: My company & IG network will be available July 15th, 2019. I just landed another 3 major clients for a quick 6 figures and going back to LA for the next 5 months.

Please don’t waste my time asking me how I monetize my network.

If you can’t (or you don’t know how) to take 10 minutes to do your homework and investigate how I am monetizing my network from a high level, then you are NOT a qualified buyer.


Hey, I’m interested in purchasing your network. Can you please send me some of the IG handles.



If you can’t share revenue figures then say that you prefer it that way instead of calling people unqualified for asking basic business questions. Everyone here knows how to monetize on instagram, but for such a large network of accounts (not just one account) it would be courteous to shine light on the financials.

Also, having the ability to purchase and “not being qualified” for asking a serious and common questions are not mutually exclusive. I would be hesitant buying a business from someone who can’t answer simple financial questions.


please share handlers