138k Subs Monetized, Deleted Videos, Channel for Sale ($1100)

Amount of subscribers: 138000
Country of subscribers (majority):
Topic/Niche: Gaming/Mixed
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic


1- Channel is Monetized.
2- Channel has no videos. All deleted. I bought it as it is with zero videos.
3- Good budget monetized channel to start your new project
4- BTC as payment. Otherwise TW
5- Price is Dead Final
6- All relevant Screenshots uploaded
7- I don’t claim Plaques and don’t know about previous owners. Don’t ask me about Plaque.


link pls

@mdudigam ID Verify yourself please. Click @VERIFICATION

You want ID to be verified before sharing link?

What is wrong in sharing link ?

Link please? +what videos were used to get monetization approval?

@Hussey - Just an FYI, we’re noticing a lot of channels getting monetization removed, especially channels that have deleted all the videos. YouTube seems really strict on keeping certain activity levels now, if you drop below a certain level, they take away the monetization (from what we’ve seen).


Can I grab the link?

@Swapd May be. But so far the Monetization is intact and it’s waiting for the new owner who will start uploading new content as son as he buys it. The price is lowest already due to the reason that content is already deleted.

OK. Just let the buyer know the monetization is currently at risk.

also when a new adsense account get attached 95% chances are they ask for 12 months 1k subs and 4000 hours, which does not consider deleted videos. so may be there are chances for channels with deleted videos to be required to the watch hours again.


can you share the link please ?

Wow I have a similar channel but all USA instead of Brazil oh ■■■■ worth more than I thought??? Open to sell also

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Link please if it’s still avalable

Link please

Pls provide link. now I’m verified ID

pls share the link! interested to buy right away. thank you!

Interested US based buyer here. Link please?