150K Subscriber YouTube Channel With 91 Million Video Views


Property type: YouTube Channel
Amount of fans/followers: 146,000+
Topic: Music
Price: $5000 USD ONO

Description: The YouTube channel has just under 150,000 subscribers and has consistently held a positive growth rate even though it hasn’t had any new videos published over the last 3 months. The channel has exceeded 2,000,000 monthly video views every month and if the buyer was to start creating and publishing the unique lyric videos just twice per week, based on the performance of previous videos, the channel would hit the 1 million+ weekly video view mark in less than 3 months.

As the rights to the music is not owned/licensed, the videos cannot be monetized with Adsense/YouTube ads (it’s worth noting that the channel is publishing videos in accordance with fair use and copyright law, and the channel doesn’t have any copyright or community guidelines strikes). The best way to monetize this channel would be to find a ‘sponsor’ (I have interest from a music apparel company and the pricing we discussed was a few hundred dollars per month to have their website linked in the video descriptions and in a pinned comment on the best performing videos. They were also willing to provide merchandise as prizes if the channel wanted to run any giveaways or promotions). If uploads were frequent, the sponsorship pricing could be increased month over month and it could generate a substantial amount of revenue over time. The other way to monetize the channel would be to start publishing copyright free audio that can be monetized with Adsense/YouTube ads, or just change the content/video type all together. There is also alot of opportunity to promote affiliate offers, pursuing sponsored content, etc.

I have received an offer for $4000 USD for the channel, however I’d like to get closer to the $5K USD mark. Please send me a PM if you have any questions or want the URL for the channel. Thanks everyone!


Thread approved. If anyone is interested, make sure to use https://checkout.swapd.co for the transaction (required). We will verify the stats, provide a full audit, and keep the transaction safe.


Property sold off site. Topic locked on user request.