$18,500 STEAL - Entertainment Media Panel for Instagram + Facebook, Fresh on account never used and will mentor alongside purchaser!

Selling one Entertainment Media Panel for Instagram and Facebook requests that can be used for…

  1. Verifications on IG + FB
  2. Recoveries on IG + FB
  3. Username claims on IG + FB
  4. Unbans on IG + FB
  5. High level support

Price is $18,500 firm, this is the best price you’ll get on this forum so please don’t come to negotiate UNLESS you have something of value to offer with it! :fire:


GLWS dude

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Any category verification can be done on it?

how old is the panel and how many verifications have you done on it

Says it all in the thread lol

Entertainment panel only entertainment based categories, on new account it’s fresh


Can you receive usernames under 6L with this panel?

No not possible

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