2.9M Mental-Health fanpage | 2.3M USA | Rename & Merge Available | $6500 + swapd fees

Country of followers (majority): USA 2.2 million
Amount of followers: 2.9 Million
Topic/Niche: Anxiety / Mental Health / Depression
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

Hello, I’m selling average active fanpage with 2.9m fans out of which 2.7 Million + audience is from tier 1 audience

The page has rename & merge available that means any artist, musician, brand, company, or entrepreneur can get it renamed & merge into their own page! It is best for making brand identity with higr millennial audience from tier 1 countries. + POINT of merging the page is that all the VIOLATIONS this page have will get removed at this page will be sexy as a brand new :wink:


It can be used for Instant Article and websites to drive traffic from newsfeed & stories.

Average story views are 50k to 100k+ depends on the story which is potentially able to drive 20k to 50k+ visitors on the website through stories and links.

Adbreak is not eligible for monetization maybe due to violations but if you decide to merge the page then it can be monetised again :confetti_ball:

Here are the screenshots of stats, demographics & page quality. NOTE: 2 OF THE COMMUNITY VIOLATIONS WILL GET REMOVED WITHIN A MONTH OR TWO 100% THEY WILL GET EXPIRED

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How much?

Link please

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I am very interested
Please send details

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Link please

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Pm sent.

Page has clearly been violating community standards for a while by posting sexual content/links, probably even nudity, which means the page isn’t useful for any big brand deals anymore as they wouldn’t ever touch a page involved with that sort of. Ontent. Also assume the engagement has been wrecked by this. The page is also running the risk of being unpublished. Will buy at $2k, can create a ticket if that works.


Thankyou for your offer.
The page can be fresh as brand new once it’s been zero merged, which can be as the merge is available on the page, hence all the quality violations will be removed.

Current offer is 5k + swapd fees.
Let me know if you can beat that offer and maybe we can have a deal.

Have a nice day mate!

Price dropped to $6500 + Swapd fees!

Info please

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inbox link plz

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PM sent to all.

Price dropped to 6500$ + swapd fees

pm link

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$6000 + Swapd Fees!

Still Available!

2.9M tier 1 Audience!
Story views are 50k to 150k with 5 to 15% CTR

$5500 + we Split Fees, it’s a steal of deal for a 3m with such audience!!!

The page have been like this from past 7/8 months, if it was that much risky it would’ve been deleted by now!


Can you DM.

I haven’t checked the page out yet, and it is very risky to buy given the violations, but the good news is I personally know violations get wiped clean after a certain period of good behavior. A page can go back to a green check mark.

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Can you send me the link please?