2 verified account snapchat

Description: I have two snapchat accounts check to sell brand new fresh

Country of followers (majority): world
Amount of fans/followers:
Topic/Niche: world
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

Description: I have 2 certified snapchat accounts for sale brand new and fresh.
I have already sold on swapd everything went well.

The accounts are mostly fresh, and ranges from 14 to 300 snap score.

Perks of being verified on snapchat, is you’ll always hit discover. Which means the growth is unreal.

Snapchat is also currently the hardest platform to get verified on.

PM Me If Interested.

you can change the username and all information !

for your security once the accounts are purchased you must respect this:

Do not change profile pictures

Don’t change snapchat account email

Do not change snapchat account password

Do not change username

All this for 48H after you can change.

You absolutely have to respect that because the snapchat algorithm will think that the account has been hacked if you modify or do something that you shouldn’t and the star jumps, we won’t be responsible and you also have to respect that:

Certification is not guaranteed once the account recovers.

If you publish sensitive, prohibited or illegal content, gambling, predictions, trading, driving, etc. You run the risk of losing your certification by not respecting the rules of Snapchat.

Send handle

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PM bro

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I bought three verified accounts from you.
All the stars are gone
You promise to get back the star again.


Ohh :open_mouth:
Are you change username ?

Me too i bought 2 account and star gone just lose my money

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recently verified snapchats have been patched, a lot of accounts have lost their badges - I struggled with this myself as a seller

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:heart: @madej

I am doing my best brother to try to get new accounts and especially several solid accounts.

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