20.3K Followers Friendship Pinterest Account! 5.3 MILLION+ Monthly Users FOR SALE

Country of followers (majority): United States (36.8%)
Amount of fans/followers: 20K
Topic/Niche: Friendships & BFFs
Promotion methods used? Organic

Monthly views - 5.3 million
Monthly engaged - 726.1k
Has reached 10 million+ monthly active users with consistent posting. I know this could be even HIGHER with more pins.

Will NOT accept low blow offers on this as it is an increasingly growing account!



20.1K following now & rising

PM me details and the link. Also, lowest price you expect


Hi there,
can you pm the handle and BIN please


Update Following now 20.3K

Send me account url and best offer so far


5.6 Million Reach…

200$ and what is the username please

SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD.

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