208K incredibly active meme IG account - SOLD

Property type: Instagram
Amount of fans/followers: 208K
Country of followers (majority): USA
Topic: Meme
Price: $20,000 OBO


Selling incredibly active meme profile/account with 208K followers.
Regularly getting 40K to 80k+ likes, up to 400 comments per post, and 400K to 1m+ impressions.
It’s growing organically by 2K-3K followers each month.

31% Men / 69% women
95% from USA
Dominant age group: 18-24

The account is not part of any of the engagement groups.
All of the likes/comments are 100% ORGANIC.

DM for more info.

Here are some screenshots of the stats:

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Definitely not worth anywhere near 20,000$ if you are only getting about 500-600 followers weekly.

While I don’t usually like to chime in to discuss prices, I must agree that this is a tad over-valued.

I appreciate your input guys. It’s because we are letting the account grow completely organically, that we are seeing the current engagement rates.

1-2% growth rate on a monthly basis, unless you are a brand/celebrity widely covered by the media, is completely normal and acceptable. @alpha you made it sound like it isn’t, and I don’t understand the reasoning behind that statement?

We do not use the hashtags or cross-promote with other accounts, and this would certainly improve the growth percentages if utilized properly. We do not have the interest or time to deal with it.

Account is making money. 1-2 years ROI is the norm for business valuation (that’s on the minimum side too), and I don’t see why would IG accounts be treated any differently?

Last but not least, our initial plan was to sell this account due to lack of time.
We do not have to sell if the price isn’t right, and would be happy to continue to benefit from it with the help of VA.


Who has 20k to spend on an account? I would buy for like, 5k max.

Can’t see this account being worth anything close to $20,000. If you are making $1000-$2000 per month over a long period of time maybe you could share that data to to justify the price.

@okay you seem to have sold an IG account on this board with ≈105K followers, that gets ≈1.5K likes and 5 comments on average, for ≈$500 (please correct me if I am wrong, I was using info on the topic you created and marked as ‘sold’).

Here are the stats from our most recent post from yesterday:

So, compared to your account that was sold for ≈$500, you would value ours @ $5k only?

@xo1 yes, we are making that much, and would be happy to present the evidence to an interested party that shows proof of available funds. Please define ‘longer period of time’.

You will not find an interested party at $20,000 for this account. It just makes no sense at all at that valuation without proof it is worth dramatically more than every other account sold here.

When you sell something you should provide proof to justify the value rather than ask people to prove they have the money available.

@xo1 I just posted proof that our account is at least 40x better then the one you sold for $500.

40x $500 = $20K :relaxed:

Not sure if its because it is a meme account, but regarding any normal account that receives ~900k impressions per post on the daily, it would be growing far more than barely 700 followers weekly.

I haven’t sold any accounts on here…

@Alpha possibly for some accounts in different/specific niches. But, the ones that do follow us are very loyal and engaging bunch :slight_smile:

@xo1 my mistake then. But, if you compare our account to the accounts being sold here, for the amount they are being sold for, I am sure you will clearly see the enormous difference in the engagement, which must be followed by the difference in price as well.

Just an example: If an account with an average of 1,000 engagement is worth and being sold for $1 on this forum, then account with 80,000 engagement should be around 80x more. At the end of the day, who cares about the number of followers? These could be artificially inflated. However, impressions/reach is where the money is.

I appreciate all of your input and wish you best of luck.

Saying one account is worth X times more than another based on having X times more engagement or followers is flawed logic. All engagement and followers can be faked as well. Not saying yours is.

With that logic a used car with 20,000km on it is worth double what a car with 40,000 km is, and that is simply not the case.

The only way your account is worth $20,000 is if it has something drastically different than most other accounts.

If the account was making 3k per month in shoutouts, for 6 months you might get that for it, but if it was, there would be no point selling it.

It’s just an account that has good engagement and that by itself isn’t worth anywhere close to 20k.

I do wish you all the best with the sale.

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@xo1 your example/analogy with the used car is, actually, flawed :slight_smile:
Miles will reduce/depreciate the original value of a car. So, if life expectancy of a particular car is 40,000km, then in fact a car with 20,000 miles would be twice as valuable. But, that’s totally besides the point.

The point is, advertising is almost always priced based on a CPM. So, the greater the engagement/reach, the more you are going to make selling advertising. Therefore, account with twice as much reach ‘should’ be worth twice as much :wink: In reality that may not always be the case, and there are other particulars, such as niche, the influential value/extent of a particular account, etc.

The labour that went into building this account to 208K followers in the past 3 years far exceeds the $20K asking price. That’s because every single follower on this account has be earned by posting quality material. No shortcuts were taken and the engagement is proof of that.

To those that do not appreciate true/generic and quality account, I would advise to just simply skip this thread/topic, and move on with their lives… as simple as that :grinning:

Hello, please DM the information? Interested to see.

Info sent. Cheers!

This is definitely one of the most solid accounts Iv’e seen! I hope you get the price your looking for