How to use SWAPD checkout system!

How to use SWAPD Checkout Tickets?

There are two ways to start a transaction. First, you can use our start page. The second (easier) way, if you already negotiated with someone on our website, is by clicking the “Start Checkout Ticket” button inside your PM. To keep things understandable, here is a short tutorial.

#1 First, you must locate a buyer/seller.
Browse our marketplace to find what you need. If you’re a seller, start a new listing by creating a new topic.

#2 Negotiate and set terms.
Once you find a property you want to purchase, send the seller a private message. Try to negotiate the best deal and set terms (payment/time frame/special requests).

#3 Once you’re ready, click the “Start Checkout Ticket” button.
This is what will start the transaction and begin the escrow (middleman) process. The button to start the transaction is located inside each private message where the negotiations take place (right on the bottom, see screenshot below)

#4 That’s it!
This is where we take over the transaction. Your private message will be instantly converted into a checkout ticket, and our system will notify available admins who will join the conversation and explain to you how the payment/transfer process works.

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