25.5k Youtube channel (Car) for sale that's growing it self


Country of followers (majority): USA, Russia
Amount of fans/followers: 25.4K
Topic/Niche: Car / Engine
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Organic
Unfollow/Engagement Networks): 100% organic (Shorts)
Description: I have grown up this channel with shorts of Car (Automobile engine). This channel is growing fast. As I upload only shorts here, I haven’t achieved 4k watch hour criteria to monetise it. If you upload regular videos, you will be able to monetise it shortly. I have earned from YouTube shorts fund even though the channel is not monetized.

**Not monetized. No copyright strike. No community guidelines violation.
I accept btc.
DM to learn more.



Can u share me the revenue scrreen shot in person. And also the best price. Lets deal it.

Here’s the screenshot. Remember that the channel is not monetized but it’s eligible for shorts fund. Let’s deal it.

Not connected to adsense account?? Or I should make a new adsense account???

Wat will be the best price we can deal this?

I can purchase it today


I’m extremely interested in this channel, please send me the link and more analytics please. Thanks!

link please