250k Luxury Active Instagram account



selling my luxury/car related instagram, it has 245k followers and is insanely popular on the gram, this luxury account was started on June 15, 2015 and since then the popularity has skyrocketed, it has massive potential and a massive fan base. *also selling the snapchat and youtube channel that belong to this account (each sold separately), if interested in either of them please notify me and we can work out a price. STATS: Profile Visits: 10,000+/week Website Clicks: 70+/week Reach: 1,000,000+/week Impressions: 1,000,000+/week This account has 240K followers, it is a massive account and is recognized all over the world, i have posted multiple times posts that say “where are my followers from” and people all across the world always comment, this account currently has 300+ posts so as you can see it is a highly active account. The engagement on this account is always active no matter what time of the day/night you decide to post something, usually the most active hours are from 12-4pm and you can expect to get 1-3 likes/second on each post during the afternoon and morning. instagram stories usually get from 10,000-15,000 views on an ordinary 24 hour post, original email for this account will also be provided upon purchase. *only reason for selling this account is because i own a shopify online website for jewelry and need more capitol to dump into my business


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can you please send me the username and the insights


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