3.2K Unique Agricultural Monetization Channels

Amount of subscribers: 3370
Country of subscribers (majority): United States
Topic/Niche: Agriculture
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: This is an organic channel whose main content is agriculture. It is a content and channel with great potential. In the past time, it has received 10.885 million impressions, 1.66 million views and 3370 subs, and it is increasing every day. There are an average of 10,000 views and a growth rate of 10 subs per day.
There is no problem with the channel content, everything is organic, the average video click-through rate reaches 13.5%, and the basic number of video impressions reaches 2,000.
Due to work reasons, I no longer have the energy to run this channel. So if you see it, you can contact me to inquire about the situation. Currently, the main audiences come from the United States and India. The main sources of views are through the browse function and recommendation function.

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