3 day fb ban but no idea why?

Just got a 3 day posting ban, but no notification to why. Is there anywhere on fb that tells you why you received the ban?

Its my personal account that i very rarely post on (only the odd meme).

Check the pages you manage with this account and see the page quality tab. You have received a report on one of your posts you made with this profile on those pages…

Another explanation is that you may have posted on groups and someone reported your post.

Aye ill check about, just strange that i recived no email or notification within facebook.

The joys of fb i guess

Yeap, I have several profiles.

On some of them I receive every email, on othera none. So that’s normal when we all know that Facebook is full of bugs…

Another way to check if you have a smth with your profile is to go to the support inbox of your profile and check if you have any mail there

Great ill take a look about see if i can find anything