32k Fishing/Outdoors IG Account

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 31, 500
Topic/Niche: Fishing/Outdoors
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Follow/Unfollow, only unfollowing those that don’t follow back.

Description: It was built for a brand of mine, unfortunately just taking up too much time and I’ve been caught up with a different project that I foresee taking up a lot more. Don’t want the account to go inactive…don’t want the website to either, but if at least just the account can keep going it’s well-worth it!

Has quite a few requests for advertising…I was in a transition period so I didn’t answer them, but you can go back and try to build a relationship if you would like.

Ff you want the website and it’s users I’ll sell for $1500 USD + cost of the accoumt

can you PM Me more info please?

username, demographics, insights…

PM profile url please

URL and demographics please :slight_smile:

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