330K Fashion Account For Sale

Country of followers (majority): International
Amount of followers: 330.000
Topic/Niche: Fashion
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Nope, but with current email
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic


Reply USERNAME and I’ll PM you the username.

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The asking price for this account is way too high considering the followers are from third world.

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Next time add “in my opinion” when you’re giving unasked advice :wink:

Thank you for the bump.

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I give my opinion(s) how and where I want as this is not your personal playground here but a community of buying / selling social media properties.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But next time just add “in my opinion” and don’t state it as a fact.

For some people this account can be worth $100, for some people it might be worth $10,000.

A bottle of water may be worth $1 for someone in the USA , but $1000 for someone in the Sahara who’s about to die… :wink:

Don’t get ridiculous here. You either overprice your account or you don’t. This account is overpriced and this is not just my opinion.

You can ask whatever you want for your account, it’s yours. But trying to push some ridiculous Sahara desert analogy here doesn’t make this account something it’s not and you are asking first world audience price for a third world account. Case closed.

Nice to know you can define how much something is worth to others. If you have a calculator or something, let me know!

I guess you’re the type of guy to go to the apple store and starts complaining about the price.

I guess if I go to apple store to buy an iPhone for 5000 $ I wouldn’t be the only one who would complain. Not sure how many the store would sell with the Sahara analogy here. :sweat_smile:

Common sense usually applies in most cases in this life and we don’t need to walk around with calculators to put a price tag on everything around us, especially on things that are similar in nature and sold under one or multiple similar marketplaces. In this case other properties on Swapd with first world followers are mainly sold for 15-17 $ per 1000 followers (non premium) - some lower than that that are active at this very moment and sold in past.

The majority of the followers on this account are from third world, which is the indicator that the asking price is more than the normal market price, which simply put is overpriced.

You can ask whatever you want, this is the great thing about this community, but don’t get butthurt if someone makes a note and calls it what it is and I wouldn’t need to drag it this far either. Regards.

Butthurt? Only I said you had to add “in my opinion”, that’s it.

Also interesting to know that you have done 0 transactions on this website considering your profile badges, yet you know how much properties are selling for on Swapd :wink:

There are more variables than just amount of followers & countries of audiences, which (my) prices are based of. Niche, activity, etc. It’s all about supply & demand.

I will explain it one more time, and relevant because you keep coming with the sahara. Let’s say a person starts a fashion brand and has 5-6 figure budget. He wants to cut all the time & bullshit building an audience on Instagram; he wants to buy a big account so he has an audience & the social proof out there. He’s looking on the market and finds my account. He doesn’t want to wait any longer and wants to start as soon as possible. He buys my account & turns it into his business account. The fashion brand has more than 300k followers and he can start advertising & run the brand. This would be a great deal.

I hope I don’t have to explain one more time.

Ps. almost every account I’m selling is under your given price ($15 - $17 per 1000 followers): 100K+ Instagram Accounts for Sale. Feel free to check them out, contact me if you’re interested or comment underpriced in the topics :slight_smile:


When you have nothing good to say then dont say anything at all :slight_smile: business is business no one is forcing anyone to buy the account and at the end of the day we are all here to make a profit. :+1: gl on sale

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@swapd Can u open? :slight_smile:

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Bump :womans_clothes:

I’m interested but 5k with those countries is just way too high of price.

(Not trying to be a jerk) but how do you justify the price?

Feel free to make an offer :wink:

Still available

Please send me the username