358K Models and Babes IG

Country of followers (majority): Mexico, Brazil, US
Amount of fans/followers: 358k
Topic/Niche: Models / Babes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Follow / Unfollow + Organic
OG Email: No <The OG email signed up as @gmai.com and not gmail.com. The first confirmed email is still linked to the account. The @gmai.com email doesn’t exist.>
This page would not pass a Swapd Audit (as other accounts that I have sold in this niche have not passed the audits)
Price : $2500

Orginally Listed: March 8, 2002: 212k followers

Description: Models and Babes Page - Perfect for Shoutouts, Networking, CPA offers, Dating ads, Models, Photographers, Agencies, etc. Likes are between 2k - 10k / Comments are between 75 - 400. Currently using it to passively grow a twitter and 0nlyfans. The page can get the attention of larger / verified pages as it will appear in the top of “message requests”. [soyneiva reached out about her photo].

218k and growing

Handle please? Thanks!


Up - page is 231k now - *

handle please

sent - 239k now and gaining 3k-4k daily.

up - 250k

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up - 267k

Bump 277k
Going to start passively monetizing this page via shoutouts

Bump - 285k

Bump - 300k

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up - 345k

Handle please

sent all

Very interested. Please message @

PM me the @


Handle please