386,000+ Facebook meme page + 30k group



Screenshots below - Price inclusive of continuation of content making to keep growth and audience as I do it for fun already. 50%+ are top tier countries.

Country of followers (majority): Australia, Anerica, UK, Asia
Amount of followers: 386,200
Topic/Niche: Memes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic growth


Plz pm link


Have pmed.


Have pmed.


have sent x


Can we see the people page? (Screenshot)



Price n link please


Pm me please link with price
And if it available for instant article and ad break


Pm link with price please




How much are u looking for?


Sent message also updated listing


5k seems to be asking for too much
but price is final ?


Open to offers


PM url with price please. Thanks.


Can this generate any revenue?


I already work with an affiliate link media website that posts articles about this specific niche which pays monthly based on cpm. I also get paid to post merchandise promotions as this is a for a tv show.


I give you around 1900 for it.


I’m looking for at least 3000 at the minimum because if done well you can get around 400 per month in affiliate links and if you set up your own merchandise store that’s an endless supply or you could just promote others the going rate is usually $75 per post