4.9 Million Video Views. 20,000 Highly Active & Engaged Subscribers. Popular in USA & UK

Country of followers (majority): USA & UK
Amount of fans/followers: 20307
Topic/Niche: General/Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


I am the owner of the Youtube Channel for sale.
For your consideration, I will list the summary of this account:

The account is on good standing.
It is ready for Adsense approval.
Please refer to the screenshots below this listing.

Reason for Selling:

Moving out to other no social related projects.

Preferred Payment Method: BTC

If you need anything, kindly let me know.

Thank you!

Hello again, here are the screenshots for consideration.

The channel will be given to the best possible offer.
If you need anything, please advise.

link and price .

Based off geography and socialblade, this looks like quite a decent account. Just wanted to say that you can’t really say “Estimated 1.5k-18k per year earnings” based off of socialblade. Socialblade is extremely incorrect on nearly all channels when it comes to earnings and in the time you’ve had the channel you’ve made 0$.

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Looks good on the surface, for now, I will mark this listing premium. And like @Alpha said, social blade estimations are horrible when it comes to YT earnings.


Why dont you have your Adsense linked? Is it not monetized?
That would mean no revenue at all. Also submitting your account for monetization could get declined for various reasons and it takes really really long to get approved nowadays for monetization (around 4 months)

Also if you uploaded copyrighted content you will never get monetised and maybe even banned, so just from your pictures nobody can estimate the value of the account

Thanks for your recommendations @Alpha @Swapd @BuyingYT , already removed SocialBlade ratings.

My Adsense is linked but not active need to change to an active Adsense account to pass the monetization review.

Interested in having a look at the content to see if relevant. Could you PM me link please

SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD.