404K Instagram Account 15k-20k Likes 33k Story Views in 5 HR

Country of followers (majority): India
Amount of followers: 404.100 Followers
Topic/Niche: Humour
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): All organic.

Description: Page name is the same as 15m page on Facebook that’s very popular. The shoutouts are 75$ 12 hours and 150$ for 24 hours. Also got other accounts if serious buyers are available. Willing to discuss.

How often do you get people that purchase your shoutouts?

The avarage is around 5.

5 per…? month?

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Yes minimum is 5 a month.

Bump cause Facebook fanpages are taking over :joy:

Price reduced to $2,500 , Swapd and PayPal fees on my end.

Can you send me URL?

Pm @ please

Both PMed.

Please pm me the url. Interested in this.

Definitely interested, please PM.


Is the page verified?

No. I would’ve mentioned it if it was.

Bumb $2000, swapd fees on you, avarage page likes ~20K.

Link please

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