($499) TikTok Verification/Username Claim for Musician/Public Figure/eSports

Service type: Verification/Username Claim
Price: $499 for musician $799 for esports $1499 for public figure

I am firm on requirements.

Musician Verification Requirements:
English speaking and NA Region (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Verified on IG
100k+ active followers on IG
TAT: 3-4 weeks

Musician Username Claim Requirements:
Verified on IG/Twitter/Twitch/FB
English speaking and NA Region
No bought accounts
NA region only
TAT: 1-2 weeks (got last reply in few hours)

eSports Username claim/verification:
Must be either like team player or gaming youtuber/streamer etc
English speaking and NA Region (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Verified on Twitch or Twitter or YouTube Or Instagram
Preferably active on TikTok
TAT: 4-5 weeks

Public Figure verification/claim requirements:
Verified on IG 100k+ active followers
Active tiktok user 100k+ active followers
TAT: 5 weeks
If you send me fraudulent cases/bought accounts I will not reply!

Send me details in this format:

Other social platform links:
Website(if applicable):
PR links if applicable(not fake/indian/low tier):


Well, this approach is new :smiley: This is Unique and Spotlight worthy! Thank you very much, kind sir. Good luck with your giveaway!


Soon: get paid if I can verify your TikTok account!


I am loving the interest! However, so far there’s a total of 1 account sent to me that meets the requirements.

TikTok is much more strict than they used to be, so I cannot bend these requirements in any way, shape or form.

Ready to submit more good cases :slight_smile:

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Here is a map of North America, for those who are unaware that Germany, Kosovo, India, and France are not in North America. Only contact me if your client is based in NA


Read the thread again

DM’d @Bridge


Just dm’d you!

So far only got 1 case that I can actually submit

Submitting on Monday. Send me more cases!

Bumping. Also, as a general courtesy, it’s good to be polite to people offering something for free.

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Send in your cases before I submit tomorrow <3

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Bumping to the top

Bumping to the top, come submit your cases.


  1. No, I cannot verify your account based in Vietnam
  2. Username claim the target must be inactive

Bumping I will start blocking people who send me cases who do not meet these requirements


bumping to the top. no more esports :frowning: only musician

Bumping to the top

Updated requirements

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