520K Fashion Instagram Account for SALE



Country of followers (majority): United States
Amount of followers: 520K+ Topic/Niche: Fashion
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):
Account has been built from new Organically by me
Description: Property type: Instagram
Amount of fans/followers: 520,000K+
Average Likes: 5.5K Average Comments: 70
Age Range - 18-24 (19% MEN - 81% WOMEN)
Description: A Fun & Fashion account

  • Asks: 1, 2 OR 3 - Which encourages comments!
  • Makes instagram’s ‘Top Posts Hashtags’
  • Impressions; 1.5Million+ Weekly
  • Reach; 387k+ Weekly
    You can:
  • Promote your own Business or others (profits)
  • Advertise/Collaborate in return for payments/freebies
  • Grow/Build up additional accounts
    A Lucrative business investment if used properly and by someone who knows how to grow and maintain active accounts against the Instagram algorithm!


Please PM me the handle, demographics by countey showing percentages, and thr growth for the week. Also, how many views do stories get?


Please pm the handle please thank you!


Pm handle and stats please


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Please pm me the username and highest offer. Plus how do i know its the og email?


hello what is the highest offer? and what is the username?


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Can you send the handle please?

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pm handle please.
also, how many story views do you get?


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