538k Followers 1700$ (300$ discount)



Country of followers (majority): Mix
Amount of followers: 536k
Topic/Niche: Football
Does it include the OG (original) email?: No
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic?!

Description: Accounts grows amazingly with videos if used right. The right growth expert and content management can easily grow this to 1m followers. Selling this large network for the best offer. Shoot your offer!


pm me the handle



Accepting offers, feel free to reach out!


Account is now growing.

538k followers, bump…


link and price please


Bump, official price is up!


I’ll buy it send me the @


Just putting this out for buyers considering to buy from @Comfy:

While I have never had the change to have transaction with Comfy, he has always been helpful, informative, and understanding. Whenever I asked him for more information and details of accounts I wanted to buy from him, he has given me disclosed a lot of information necessary to give a good thought about buying a property. I believe he is transparent in his dealings and I would feel safe having a transaction with seller like @Comfy.


PM list please @Comfy


Thanks for the kind words @ss_social, appreciated!

@andrewjohnson sent!


Pm me list please


The list is kinda gone as 20 accounts have been sold over the last period of days. Thank you for your interest.


Absolutely, Comfy! You have been really helpful for the consideration of purchases, which I really appreciate from the seller. I hope that I can do some trade with you on this time in future! Good luck with your sales!


Bump… let’s get a sale here :boom:


I’ll buy this right now dm me @


handle ?


pls pm the handle. thxs


still got this?


Can you please send the username and the average story views?

The story views part is kinda important :slight_smile:


Pm acc