5L Generic Instagram Username related to the Largest 70-year-old US company / Also surname [one word/1.5M+ Hashtag]

Property type: Instagram
Why is it unique?: Related to largest 70-year-old US company for chefs / Surname especially known in the USA and Germany.
Price: Best offer

Description: I come with real pleasure. 5L generic username related to the largest 70-year-old US company dealing in products for chefs (same name on Instagram as their company and website. Even they don’t have the OG nickname of their company, like you may have).
Because of having this nickname, people tag me every day, thinking they are tagging this company.

  • 1.5M+ hashtags
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Great handle, specially in Germany. Many people’s surnames!

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Thank you very much! :heart:

Username and More info please

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pm sent! bump, bump

What is the price you want? If I think it’s fair, I’ll buy right now. If not, I won’t. No negotiation; just a yes or no. Thanks