700k+ Art Network - 13.2+ mil weekly reach! - US Top Location

Top Location: US
Amount of followers combined: 700k+ (Acc n.1 - 232k, Acc n.2 - 322k, Acc n.3 - 147k)
Topic/Niche: Art/Entertainment
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used?: Organic/S4S/Engagement Networks (not using anymore)

The main focus in the past year (that’s how old the pages are) was on growing accounts by sharing other fellow artists. The idea was to eventually start making some money from pages and while being active in art, having a platform to promote my own artworks as well. Since, in the meantime, I gave up drawing and entirely changed my plans so I don’t have time to work on these pages anymore.
Still keeping them active, posting 2-4 times per day even using stories to engage with the audience and stats have never been better (combined reach of over 13.2 million on weekly basis) so there’s definitely great potential for further growth.

I’ve never offered promotional services of any kind, whether to businesses or to artists, only made few exceptions when I knew artists personally or offer was too good to reject (I’ve created some strategies when I still believed in my artistic career and had plans with the pages - I’ll gladly send you all my ideas/scripts to buyer). The focus was purely on growing accounts and ads could only slow it down.

Since all designs on the pages are done by me, the buyer will get all resources and will have my consent to use it in commercial purposes.

The buyer will need to sort out DMs. There is a lot of inquiries of artists interested in promotions, even couple of weeks old ones that I never get back to since I don’t have the time. Also, the accounts take part in many DM groups related to art if you’re interested in promoting them that way. (Not recommend)

With this network you can:

  • Promote your own business / use it as a store (dropshipping) + promote products on the other two pages
  • Promote other businesses (products)
  • Offer promotional services to artists
  • Collaborate in return for freebies
  • Grow/Build up additional accounts
  • Connect with a lot of big accounts
  • A lot more…

I truly believe, if you take the time and with the right strategy you could make good money.

Instagram is a tough place for artists and it won’t be any easier in the future. They will be forced to find alternative ways to put their art out there and fb/insta ads will get more and more expensive so influencers could get a bigger piece of the pie.

Also with the new cryptocurrency coming, selling/buying stuff will definitely be a lot easier which means more options for monetization. And that’s always good ;))

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask in the comments, PM me for the handles. Thank you for reading.

Payment only via SWAPD - Bitcoin.

Hey, do you have the usernames for the accounts?

Pm me usernames

What are the handles?

thank you!

Just a correction - it’s 13.2+ million REACH on weekly basis and way more in impressions. I wrote it wrong in the caption. Price is negotiable.


@Administrators You can lock it, decided not to sell at the end. Thanks.

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