$8500 Monthly Reels Bonus Instagram account for Sale • 82.000.000 Impressions • Top USA • Swapd OG Seller


Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 31.000
Topic/Niche: Dogs
Does it include the OG (original) email?: No
Promotion methods used? Organic

For the first time on Swapd, I’m bringing you the most viral and profitable Dogs account on Instagram

It currently has enabled a $8500 Monthly Reels Bonus Program, that can be extended up to $35000. The bonus is renewed on the 7th of every month

After purchasing the account, I will teach you the method that allowed me to make over $7000 in the first month with a minimal investment of $100. This can be scaled a lot more to reach the desired amount

In the last 30 days, this account generated over 82.000.000 Impressions and 56.000 profile visits

It’s currently growing 400 followers a day, and most of this audience comes from Tier 1 countries, like the United States

The account is fully secured and will be delivered to you via the safest method, Swapd escrow

If you have any other questions about this account feel free to send me a message

I’ll attach some screenshots bellow with the Insights and Bonus to help you make a more informed purchasing decision

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Hello would love to know this @

Sheesh sick account for sure, GLWS!

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What does it mean when it says that the bonus has already ended? Did it start again for another $8,500 or it’s not available anymore?

Thank you!

It started again for another month a few days ago

How do you protect dog accounts from viralhog reports. I got 2 closed

Never had any issues with viralhog on any of my dog accounts in more than 2 years. Only had issues with wildlife accounts, but never to the point of closing down

Sent you a PM

Still available




im interested, shoot me a dm!

Shoot dm related to this boss