87k+ Entrepreneur Motivation Instagram Account FOR SALE (Great Handle)


Property type: Instagram

Country of followers (majority): United States

Amount of followers: 87K+ Topic/Niche: Entrepreneur Motivation

Does it include the OG (original) email?: The OG email is an email that no longer works. It was my email though.

Promotion methods used? (Organic/Engagement Networks):

Account has been built from new organically by me

Average Likes: 820 Average Comments: 6

Age Range - 25-34 (73% MEN - 27% WOMEN)

Description: An account with daily advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs.

The handle name is very clean.

  • Impressions; 81k+ Weekly
  • Reach; 35k+ Weekly

It can fluctuate sometimes and be a little less or more depending on the week and how much content is posted

You can:

  • Grow/build up additional accounts
  • Promote your own business or others (money)
  • Make it a personal account
  • Advertise/collaborate in return for money

A good business investment if used properly and by someone who knows how to grow and maintain active accounts.

Handle, please

Handle please.

Handle please

Check PM

Pm Handle :slight_smile:

Pm Handle please plus username

Hi please send me the handle. I am very interested

Handle please

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