Adsense Payment Issue

I have a problem with Adsense. First, I will explain the whole situation.
I opened Adsense account when I was in Philippines 1 year ago. I couldn’t get pin code because of Covid 19 lockdowns. But I earned some money and it is still in my Adsense account.
I couldn’t verify my address so I linked my YT channel to MCN media company. I also moved to another country.
Now, I want to get money from my Adsense but I have 2 problems.
1)I am not in Philippines to verify my address and get the money
2) I do not know how to contact Adsense support for this kind of issues.

Need your help please, any kind of help.
Is there anybody experienced the same issue before?

The country change was stopped a few years back and in 2016 I earned 10k$+ in Greece Adsense but the issue was pin and payment method cuz I was not in Greece, I found a guy who charged me 20% of total amount and helped me in everything.

The best solution for this is to find someone from the family or from friends reference some trusted guy in the Philippines who helps u verify the pin and get payment. Adsense doesn’t usually help in this matter.

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Is there any chance that media companies may help?

2 Years back i tried my best to change country via many sources but then it was not avail. In my eyes best solution is find a trusted guy from Philippine and do like that. because i dont think adsense will change country, because until country is not changed to your current country u can not receive payment in your country.

Yeah I got the point that I can’t change country.
But can media company(MCN) link my adsense to their adsense or bank account and withdraw money?
Even if the media company isn’t from Philippines?

I guess its not possible to withdraw your balance to their balance, what they can do is help u in future $ making. but still u can try to ask other guys maybe they had different experience because i shared mine from 2016-2018 exp.

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