Algorithm Favored Aged YouTube Channel for Sale

Amount of subscribers: 7060
Country of subscribers (majority): Egypt
Topic/Niche: Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Hello Everyone,
I’m selling my YouTube channel. A true gem for the special one.

Features of the channel:
1- 6 years old. It has a strong authority which has a huge impact on the YouTube Algorithm for ranking fast.
2- +7000 Subscribers.
3- Lifetime stats; +5M Views & 85K (hours) Watch Time.
4- Never had a strike before. (Clean Sheet)
5- Not monetized but in good standing and all it takes is the 4k hours which can be achieved in no time with due concern.
6- All of these results were achieved while I wasn’t active most of the time and not paying much attention. The channel has a lot of high potential for future growth if you gave it some of your time.
7- Videos are unlisted and yet gaining views still. “Well indexed by search engines”
8- Organically grown channel, 90% of views came from suggested videos and YouTube Search.
9- The channel is perfect for those who are looking for social proof and a powerful push to begin.

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