Almost 23K Subs & Monetized Game and films Niche Channel for Sale

Please upload a screenshots of the demographics, we will relist your topic when you do. Thank you.

screenshots are already there under IMGs word

Which one shows demographics? Because I’ve checked them and didn’t see.

Last one I just added

Link looks broken (the placeholder) Can you correct it?

Done edited


Yup, you’re set. Relisted, thank you.

Mind uploading a screenshot of lifetime earnings? A bit interested.

already there, img 4

Oh alright, didn’t notice that, thanks!

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pm me plz

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sent to you

ill directly you pay you $1k

You cannot pay people directly on here. Everything is done via the escrow service we provide, as explained here: How to use SWAPD checkout system!

ok ill pay you 1k through escrow

pm me the link please

Pm Link pleasw

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