Anyone else experiencing VERY low Reach on Facebook in the past 72 hours?

Traffic simply dropped. No violations, no notifications from FB, Nothing - just a huge drop in traffic.

Anyone else see this on their pages?


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ive seen this for pretty much the whole month

Across the board or only on specific pages?

just some pages… others are flying!

Any idea why? What caused it? Anything to do about it? How long do you assume it can last?

And Thank You BTW!

im seeing my facebook rep next friday so am going to be asking him then

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I have a verified page and I’s been pretty bad the last 72 hours. Even running an ad gave very poor performance compared to identical campaigns. Literally a 70% drop in engagement.

Thanks for replying. Since it’s FB we are talking about i hope it’s a bug that will get fixed but you never know with them…

any update ? cause i m still facing the problem

I’m seeing a bit more traffic here but still very low

it seems that fb now low reach the non-meaningful content , hope that i m wrong

What did you read about it?


It’s still happening from start of April, anyone fixed?

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Any news about it?
It start before lockdown, and all april month has a very low reach, have someone information why?
what categories for pages is better for good reach? (link reach)
thanks !

Still shitty reach and CPM, no improvement unfortunately.
They also started tagging pages with “Limited originality of content”

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