Avtex Sports YouTube Channel For Sale ASAP (227,000+ Active Subscribers)

Amount of subscribers: 227,000+
Country of subscribers (majority): United Kingdom/ US
Topic/Niche: Sports
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: Selling my YouTube brand which I’ve worked on for 3 years ASAP, need the funds for personal reasons.

Price is Negotiable, only PayPal.

Will send out the Silver Play Button as well to the buyer.

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You will not be allowed to take payment via PayPal for that immense of a price. I’d suggest you take a look at the payment TOS found here: https://swapd.co/tos#4

Also, please provide screenshots of recent activity (analytics) on the channel and demographics (subscribers sorted by country).

Sure, thanks for clearing it up. Why can’t I receive through PayPal though? Like multiple payments?

No problem!

It can’t be used simply due to the risks that there are. PayPal can only be used for transactions up to $2,000 USD total (for long-time trusted members only). If you’re expecting to get over $5,000, you’re going to have to take a bank wire or BTC.

*Also, please get those screenshots uploaded asap, thanks!

All done, thanks for the heads up!

Care to elaborate on this gem one of our users found? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TZzr0jw58I

My opinion: If this video belongs to the original/real/legitimate owner, then he had to attach old/originally-created Official Facebook Page to this new Channel with video under question?

You can scam a Channel, but you can’t scam the social media accounts associated with that Channel at the same time.

I can’t find the original Facebook Page where links of videos of 227k Subs Channel were shared.

And interestingly, when I tried to contact the Admin on that Official Facebook Page for purchase purpose, he even tried to SCAM me.

So, it’s a MONKEY BUSINESS. This Channel was being sold by many persons and a lot of accusations related to the people who were selling it and claiming to be real owner and a lot of pull backs and bla bla bla.



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