Ban impersonation account on Instagram

Hi everyone,

We’ve recently been targeted with an impersonator account running a fake giveaway under our brand name.

We have asked our followers to report the account but still no luck. Can anyone recommend the fastest way to get an impersonation account taken down? Have filed a trademark report as well.

Thanks in advance

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Been there every time we are doing a giveaway, it’s so frustrating. Literally nothing you can do about it.

I know how you can ban account individually but it’s hard to prevent them

hey dm me back i can ban the account if it helps


I can do this if they have a ‘person’ as profilepicture.

I need this service too it’s insane you can report them 10 times, have your entire page or community report them and still they dont get taken down… ig sucks at this

I can help with this. Let me know if you have a big budget for a media portal request.