Biggest UAE Platforms | Khaleej Times, Arabian Business, Gulf Today | Specially for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Founders in UAE | With Backlink & Image | Let's work

Service type: PR/News Publication.

Khaleej Times: $450 + Fee
Gulf Today: $600 + Fee
Arabian Business: $2700 + Fee

Package which include all these: $3550 + fee


If you have a business in UAE then it’s more valuable to get get you featured over there. It brings a new audience to your business, credibility, online presence, visibility and much more.
Now it’s time to show the magic to your current audience. It impact big as per their POV.

  • Top ranked platforms & it’s great chance.
  • Content is included in this.
  • We can add 1 backlink and 1 image in the article, that’s all.


  1. It’s an online publications not printed newspaper or magazine.
  2. We will take approval of content before publish the article.
  3. We can’t able to change anything from the article once it’s live.

Let’s get this done, Feel free to ask anything. I’m always available to respond everyone.

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I’m interested

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Sent you message!

you can do cover on printed magazine?

Currently we can only do online publications only.

How much Arabian business

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PM’d you bro

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