Block unwanted categories from your feed

Are you only interested in services? Or maybe websites? Perhaps all that interests you is our Instagram Category? Whatever you prefer, you can now choose what posts/topics/listings you see on the front page and the /latest feed.

How to block unwanted categories?

The process is very simple and it only takes a few steps.

  1. Navigate to the category you no longer wish to see.
  2. Click the bell icon (upper right corner), as seen in the screenshots below.
  3. Pick “Mute” and that’s it!

There are five different tracking options for users to choose from.

Don’t see a particular category?

If some of our categories have disappeared, that means our system decided that you’re not interested in seeing them in your main feed. SWAPD now has a Facebook-like algorithm, that learns which section users frequent, and places those categories as a priority. The less-visited sections get removed from the main feed. If you decide that this is unwanted behavior, please go to Category List, open the category you don’t see in your feed anymore, click the Bell Icon, then pick Normal from the pull-down menu.