Blue Badge Verification Service (48/72 hours)


Given the number of questions and private answers. I will offer a verified service for Instagram and facebook accounts.

I have the direct contact of the person who click on the verification, plus I worked for Facebook on computer security issues, so I can verify an instagram and Facebook profile at the same time, in less than 2 hours. (tomorrow’s schedule).

Verification vf :
Facebook Fan page or Personal Profile: 3.000$
Instagram= 3.000$

48-72 hour verification time :watch:


  • Artists: Wikipedia+Press.
  • Managers: Wikipedia+Press.
  • Athletes: Wikipedia+Press.
  • Directors: Wikipedia+Press.
  • Photographers: Wikipedia+Press.
  • Influencers: Wikipedia+Press.
  • Gamers/Youtubers: Wikipedia+Press.
  • Shops: International registered brand WIPO or EUIPO.
  • Business: International registered brand WIPO or EUIPO.
  • Companies: International registered brand WIPO or EUIPO.
  • Government Workers: Email (.gov) or government department associated with the account.

:x: Please don’t send me a Private message :speech_balloon: and send me 15 documents :bookmark_tabs: , to see if you are an isolated case and I can Verified it out. It’s simple, look at the requirements. If it does not, it can not be verified by me. Please understand, that not everyone can be verified.



I have a lot of press, but I do not have Wikipedia, is it possible to verify?
No, If your wikipedia was denied, it is because your press is not from reliable or high-value sites.That is why wikipedia is necessary.

I meet the requirements, but I have few followers. Can I be verified?
The followers do not matter. It can have 0.

I meet the requirements, but send the request by the traditional form and it was rejected.
No matter. Here you will be accepted if you meet the requirements provided above

Go ahead!


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