✪ Branded USERNAME ★

Property type: Instagram branded Claimed Username from Portal
Why is it unique? It represents a famous brand that has worldwide franchises.
Price: $7500

It comes with a OG email.

via crypto: USDT, ETH, BTC


Surely the actual brand can claim this from you? Or how was this claimed?


@geg1700 is right as your account’s current state is a representation of the brand and they can easy contact IG support and say your account is confusing people with the real them. And boom a copyright / IP likeness claim.


Damn, unique as hell name

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Exactly what I was thinking , they can easily claim the name for less than $1500

Why did you even put that type of bio there , that’s impersonation .

Glad you asked, yes this is the reason i said, it is already claimed over my official business and can’t be reclaimed at any chance. Because it’s done officially and we do not impersonate them…

It showcase my own business! This is why it’s impossible for them to report or reclaim! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is why am in search of buyer because am not able to find contact to company.

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