Business Insider Featured Reviews for Physical Products!

Service type: We can secure a product affiliate review on Business Insider Reviews, their new review platform that offers in-depth indexed posts that are huge for exposure through organic search results. The service INCLUDES writing the featured article.

Price: $3,000

Description: See the below links for samples. They will not accept CBD products but things like electronics, apparel, skincare, supplements for skin or hair, shoes, and other fashion-related items.

BI Reviews:

Please feel free to inbox me questions or ask publically.

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The links all look like no-follow? Am I missing something?

^ Same question as above

Hi guys should have specified. You are correct, no follow, but the domain/title hold strong weight. I googled various titles and all were listed in the first 5 placements in google. I am doing one now on men’s t shirts with the title “the best tshirt for men”, so the value is when someone searches for similar. Let me know if you have any questions

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Could you please explaining to me the meaning of “no-follow” and “follow”?


It won’t add value to your domain.

Thank you GoldenMerc, but I need a little bit more information. I don’t know anything about it. Maybe some background of the terms, would help. Sorry.

It won’t help your SEO, as it isn’t weighted (Thus meaning it may link to your domain, but it won’t benefit your domain ranking in Google)

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Correct but when you type in a competitive phrase like “the best xyz” and Business Insider is in the first 3 rankings on Google and your company is featured in that article, there is definite value there from a traffic perspective and leveraging BI’s domain strength.

Do-follow/No-follow doesn’t matter when you are targeting sites in the calibre of Business Insider, Forbes etc.

They are mainly for gaining exposure and reputation, like @thevagabonder pointed out, these articles appear on top pages of Google which is a lot more than the link juice you get with Do-follow links.


Sure for reputation and exposure but he is claiming in his description SEO benefits, which is misleading.

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Not sure how many times I have to explain it. It will still show up in Google news and get indexed in general. Is that not a function of SEO, along with the benefits I have already explained?

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In any case edited the title, done explaining this…

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