Buying a verified IG

Looking forward to buy a verified instagram, preferably smaller (50-100k). Not paying out any insane amount, Hit me up if you got one or know someone selling. Non secured account are valid too.

You mean an account with Blue badge?

I’m sorry, but this price is a joke, and you’re looking for 50-100k followers as well.

Knowing the verified tag alone costs $2000 itself, at minimum price!

I must agree, this is hilarious.

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Well I have bought verified accounts for 1k$ when it wqs possible to change username and still keep the badge :slight_smile:

The reason why people sell verified account is because it doesn’t comes with a guarantee. You could lose away the account 10 minutes after buying it.

Thing is at the end of the day, a verified account is most likely to be active and in good conditon, a.k.a A/B/C level.

50K-100K account itself will end up costing more than $300, your budget, or $1K in most cases.

Good luck with what you’re looking for. That’s all I had.


Okay so this is a waste of money verified instgarams have managers so if they get hacked they contact there manager its back in there hands , $300 is way off the charts way to low they are worth 2-3k if you wanna pay to take the risk of switching the profile picture and getting it locked and since you dont got the original email you are screwed havw fun with buying this , it is honestly a waste of money im trying to help you close this and keop your money

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Know anyone on here that will do it for 2k?

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Anyone have any instagram verified accounts they want to sell?

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"Knowing the verified tag alone costs $2000 itself, at minimum price!"
You are so wrong. I’m sorry for you if you’ve paid anything for the badge itself!

Verified badge doesn’t cost a single dollar. Media partners have their own form where they can apply for free. I know that, because I’ve worked for media agencies, and a contact at Facebook/Instagram made me an official media partner.

Get into things before you call anyone hilarious.

Ofcourse the fucking badge costs $0, you don’t pay Instagram money for it or else we wouldn’t have companies and individuals paying 2K up to 10K for it to people that offer the service or the account but rather Instagram itself!

We are talking about purchasing one that already is verified for use of a client that can’t get it by himself.

The request of verified Instageam accounts is at the top of the roof market today, or verifying one account as a service provided by someone who knows how it works versus someone that doesn’t. That’s the whole point of buying it, when “X” individual can’t get verified they turn into the market in search to buy, THAT’S WHY THE MARKET EXISTS.

I’m telling you the verified button costs $2K at minimum, it is provided free for the person that gets it not for the person that buys it, just because something costs $0 doesn’t mean you sell it at 0, fucking ignorant peasent.

Your bla bla bla sh!t brain talk also would know people charged $700 per 100K fans to re-open deleted/unpublished Facebook fanpages, that money making machine has made so much profit for the few people that knew the trick about it, it might as well cost them $0 to do it, doesn’t mean they are gonna charge you FREE, no they charged you $700 fucking dollars per 100K only cause of how UNIQUE and RARE the service is.

Same goes for Instagram VERIFICATION ACCOUNTS OR SERVICES, it’s UNIQUE and RARE in the Instagram market.


Don’t press the reply button on my name anymore. You’re shaming it with your peasent mind!

Kind Regards,

Go F yourself

You need to go see a therapist for anger.

Afterwords, you can go find some friends, so you don’t spend all your time writing a novel to someone who is smarter than you, and is being nice by learning you something :slight_smile:

Have a great day!
Good luck on your therapy.

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So do you have the ability to get a verification done?


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