Can Create Custom Facebook Watch Channel For You



PM the price please.


PM please


PM please!
Thank You


inbox with price and details


PM price and details


Could you let me know the price? Thank you.


PM me! thanks


PM me price, thanks




pm with updated rates see if they can beat what i have


@goodsmash - I deleted your last comment. No name calling or bashing, please. @md1986 is one of the few people here who delivers 100% and is as professional as can be.


I would love to grab a few but i guess 5k for a watch page is way too much. Hoping to see decrease in price soon.


same here.


That is completely fair and understandable. The price point was set to price certain people out of purchasing this to ensure we don’t have too many cheap Watch channels floating around. It costs me a bit of business, obviously, but it ensures that the people who do buy it get their money’s worth.

That said, again, I think your position is totally fair and I completely understand. Thank you.


Please PM the price and any sample’s.




Plz send more info via pm


Just an FYI, this seller keeps delivering 100%. Custom, watch enabled Facebook pages in 24 hours.
Good job, @md1986.


Plz send more info via pm


More orders completed. Thank you.