Can Do Business (IMP) Unbans | Via Rep | High Sucess Rate

If someone failed an Imp unban I’d laugh at them, to the point that you guys are defending a guy who is faking having a rep, this app is wild. Guess imma just say I’m Zucks cousin and everyone will be fine with that :joy: but his cousin only does imp unbans so, don’t doubt me.

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श्रीमान @onlyusernames , क्या मैं यह कह सकता हूँ कि आप भी भारतीय मूल के हैं?

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What you mean Wtf, if anything I should be asking Wtf. you defending guys who lie, says a lot about you and your integrity. Maybe you lie a lot to :man_shrugging: so that’s why you feel like it’s acceptable.

Bro @Nate4491 , do you know that, as a seller here in Swapd, if you fail a ticket they will charge you a small fee for failing? So, what’s the point on offering a service here which you will not gonna actually provide? That’s the first point.
Second, @Glitch as a member with “Safety Concern” badge his obligated to do the work without prepayment, so in that case the most you will lose is time.

I have safety concern because I needed an impersonator ban done over a year ago and swapped wouldn’t escrow it so I went offsite. As for the service, I never mentioned him not being able to do it, it’s an imp unban, come on now, anyone can do these, but the whole fake rep thing, nah lol. If you want to defend a liar as well, enjoy that, I didn’t know it was so common now of days to defend lies told on swapd, but hey that’s all you my guy, keep writing on everyone’s post to “Dm you” that does unbans, you most likely lie as well on social media and claim you do them yourself so I’m not surprised you defend lies :joy:

I’m not defending anyone I’m just letting you know how the platform works and if you don’t trust a member you can always ask for a no-prepayment ticket. That’s all

I can just end this all and he can have his first swapd deal on here. $1000 to prove it’s a real rep, if he doesn’t have have $1000 we can do $500, we’ll grab swapd for MM @Glitch if it’s a legit rep, I’ll pay the $1000, publically apologize on a post and delete my swapd account since 99% of my business is through tele anyways but I do like to check out unique services if I ever needed them in the future. But I know he’s just going to show Ad support aka Meta pro and say it’s “reps” it’s not reps if anyone can get :skull:, that’s why it’s only Imp unbans because that’s what Ad support only does. I just don’t like compulsive lieing when it comes to services and it should be looked down upon but apparently you can tell anyone anything on here and you’re not suppose to get called out for what it is. We know you going to say “it’s real rep bro believe me, have nothing to prove” but I already know what that means from being in this field for so long and deal with hearing lies in this niche daily. Anyways, $1000 let me know

Confirmed Indian @devani

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Check pm @Glitch

Done Brother