Can we have "Feature Request" Section?

I don’t know if this is already available because I am new here

But I believe that everyone here have his own Idea for many things that can help this website grow more and more by making a feature request Category that members can post and receives likes from different members on site and the most liked the Swapd team need to review it and discuss with @Administrators about the Idea and If it’s helpful and they can make it possible they can agree about it and give the user a badge or some gift if they want.

This is my Idea if you like it vote here

  • Yes, I like it
  • No, I don’t like it

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and we will wait for the @Administrators to take their opinion about it


We had this idea for a while, but we don’t have the manpower to do this. People would flood us with requests to audit their stuff, and I guarantee you most of the submissions would be crap.

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If it’s comes to add a vote to each Feature Request for

[+/:arrow_up:] As Like = More Interested Feature Request

[-/:arrow_down:] As dislike = we can see the crap Requests getting deleted.

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