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Hi send examples please. Cheers!


Hey what is the drop rate also who is the giveaway tan by pls pm me

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I would steer clear of this guy. Here is my post from his last thread:

Looking to order big on this over the summer and beyond but I need very important questions answered first and I’ve had my past three PMs over two weeks not replied to so I’ll just ask the main questions here:

  1. The followers come from high quality giveaways as opposed to low quality ones. What things are given away in the high quality giveaways and what things are given away typically in low quality ones?

  2. If I or my own clients run bot checks on the followers afterward are we going to detect a bunch of bot accounts or anything? (Don’t expect to have this happen; just checking.)

  3. You said that you can target female v. male audiences via the items in the giveaways. What about targeting ages, geo-targeting, etc.? What are the limits to targeting? What niches can clients target?

  4. You said that you can offer examples, results, etc. from previous clients and work. Can I see these? I’m very eager to see previous work in as high of quantity as possible.

  5. What accounts and following type are the giveaways typically from? Handles of such accounts?


Edit: Almost 11 days later and still haven’t heard back despite seller having been active multiple times since inquiring. This happens with 90% of sellers on here, it seems. Strange. Why ignore basic questions about your service from someone eager to buy? Plans were to purchase 2M+ followers over this summer and beyond if service was indeed as advertised and proper. I eventually asked around, including to administrators and previous buyers: I found out this seller had, multiple times, apparently been using cheap panels full of horrific third world bot accounts instead of actual followers. As seen in this thread, his service was stopped by administrators for doing so. I will have to find someone else who sells such services as advertised, if they exist (which they likely don’t).

Seller’s negative feedback on a few occasions reflect sending low quality bots to customer pages.

details please

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Hey @Ramius ,

Correct me if i’m wrong but it seems like we’ve never worked together before and the last message you sent me was two years ago?
If I did overlook your message, it’s not intentional, I get a lot of messages and sometimes overlook them, I wouldn’t intentionally miss out on business especially big orders. Nevertheless, to answer your questions:

  1. Giveaways vary, although the majority are online prizes. Which make it easier, any clients who want to see the prize given will be shown the prize
  2. We would be absolutely fine with you running a bot check, this has been done numerous times especially with bigger clients who just started working with us, please let us know what you need from our side and we can set it up
  3. Female and male targeting was previously possible, although now it’s a lot harder so we don’t provide those types of guarantees anymore. Geo targeting is not possible unfortunately and would fall into the targeted growth category which usually costs a few hundred $ per k, I don’t personally provide this service although I could direct you in the direction of some sellers who provide this service if this is of interest to you. The niche we run is general, we don’t focus on specific niches.
  4. I’d be happy to show you some previous examples/ results, please shoot me a message and tell me which niche you’re looking to see and I can shoot over some examples :slight_smile:
  5. The general accounts joining are theme pages, this can be in any niche, they’re allowed to join as long as they have a good audience. They’re incentivised to join with financial gain, or growth for themselves.

Regarding your 2mil order, we’d be happy to look into the specifics and lay out a detailed plan on the timeframe and pricing of this order, and how we’d plan on growing this amount in the most time and cost efficient manner. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll make sure to reply as swiftly as possible.
Best regards,


Interested. Pm some examples please